Baxter, Ely and Teske on Charter School Funding

Apple pieScholar in Residence Parker Baxter, Associate Professor Todd Ely and Dean Paul Teske co-authored the article “A Bigger Slice of the Money Pie: Charters in Colorado and Florida win share of local tax dollars” that was published by EducationNext on Jan. 17, 2018.

“After working for more than two decades to close the charter-school funding gap, charter advocates celebrated two victories in 2017 when Colorado and Florida both passed laws—the first in the country—mandating equitable access to certain local tax revenues for charter schools. The passage of the two laws gave hope to charter supporters in other states while coming as a blow to those who see charter schools as detrimental to public education.

It is too soon to tell whether other states will follow the lead of Colorado and Florida, but the stories of how the laws were passed in the two states remind us that across the country, the politics of charter schools and charter funding vary greatly. Charter proponents have much to learn from this study in contrasts.”

Baxter was also interviewed about the article on the Jan. 24 episode of the EdNext podcast.

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