Spring 2018 Daniels Ethics Fellows Named

Daniels Fund logoSPA received a Daniels Fund grant designed to promote and highlight ethics in the SPA curriculum through awarding tuition scholarships. This spring, 10 students — six graduate and four undergraduate — were chosen based on their application essay.

The 10 students each received a tuition scholarship for their spring 2018 “Public Service Leadership and Ethics” course. This year’s Ethics Fellows include:

Graduate students:

  • Guillermo Barriga
  • Jessica Long
  • Michelle Martin
  • Christina McClelland
  • Abigail Worthen
  • Katherine Zhang

Undergraduate students:

  • Bunny Beers
  • Lisa Lytle
  • Micah Pilkington
  • Joe Waneka

Fellows will interview and write a paper on the ethics of two public officials from government or the nonprofit sector. This paper will serve as the foundation for the Fellow’s video or in-class lecture on principle-based ethics. Fellows will write a self-assessment and record a 3-minute video on their ethical journey, with clips shared at a culminating event in May that will be planned by the Fellows.

~Post by Dr. Wendy Bolyard

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