Governor’s Education Leadership Council

Governor HickenlooperIn the summer of 2017, Governor Hickenlooper signed an executive order to re-establish an Education Leadership Council to assess the state of education in Colorado, from early childhood through workforce and careers. This comprehensive analysis will include considerable outreach and stakeholder input, as well as creating the evidence to build a vision for Colorado’s education systems for the 2020s, and beyond.

The School of Public Affairs is the ELC’s research partner.  Parker Baxter, our scholar-in-residence and director of the Center for Education Policy Analysis, is working with Dean Paul Teske and Associate Dean Kelly Hupfeld to provide the background information for the ELC.

At the first substantive meeting on October 23 at Pueblo Community College, Baxter and Teske presented a detailed overview of the current state of Colorado’s education system.  In future meetings, SPA researchers will help the group do a deeper dive into early childhood education, K12 system, higher education, and workforce development.

The ELC is co-chaired by state Representative Bob Rankin and Colorado Department of Education Commissioner Dr. Katy Anthes, an MPA and Ph.D. alumna of SPA.

For more information, visit the ELC website.



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