Lewis Koski on Marijuana Legalization in Canada

SPA lecturer Lewis Koski was interviewed for the article “Black market will thrive if Alberta government runs marijuana stores, says mid-level dealer” that was published by CBC News on Oct. 7, 2017.

That seems to be striking the right balance, says Lewis Koski, who was director of the marijuana enforcement division for the state of Colorado when it was legalized. He’s now a lecturer at University of Colorado Denver and co-founder of a consulting company that helps local and state governments with policy implementation. …”What’s interesting is, in the year since that study was published, the regulated market, between medical and retail, the licenced businesses, they’re on track to produce that much or more, so what that tells us is … to a large extent the regulated market is probably meeting the local demand.”

Koski is co-founder and senior director at Freedman & Koski, Inc., a consulting firm that focuses on marijuana legalization implementation, establishing initial governance structure, legislative statutes, regulatory approaches and budget priorities.

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