Photos, Video From “Voices From Inside the Criminal Justice System”

Nearly 100 attendees were on hand on March 28, 2017, to hear the unique perspectives of three speakers who were involved in the justice system in very different ways:

  • being caught up in a prolonged custody battle
  • playing a role in an internationally known homicide case
  • enduring 30 years of incarceration in a federal prison.

The speakers talked about their unique experiences with the justice system, then answered audience questions. The speakers included:

  • Anne Bremner is a Seattle-based attorney and founder of the advocacy group “Friends of Amanda Knox,” which worked to obtain justice for Amanda Knox
  • Maralee McLean fought a custody battle against her ex-husband, who sexually abused their daughter, and wrote the book Prosecuted But Not Silenced
  • Michael Santos spent 30 years in prison for non-violent drug crimes and later wrote a book, About Prison, chronicling his experiences.

The speakers were introduced by Katyie Wells, president of the Alpha Phi Sigma honorary society at the CU Denver School of Public Affairs.

Photos from the event are posted below. A video recording can be viewed on the School of Public Affairs playlist on YouTube.

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