Network Science Meet and Greet Convenes CU Researchers

On March 7, 2017, a CU Network Science Meet and Greet event convened a group of cross-disciplinary researchers from the University of Colorado Denver, Anschutz and Boulder campuses who use a network science approach. The field of network science studies relational linkages of complex networks within society and is known for reaching across many disciplines.

The multifaceted nature of network science was exemplified by the diverse disciplines represented by the attending researchers, including computational biology, computer science, education, environmental science, health and behavioral sciences, mathematics, political science, and public affairs.

Photo of network science mtg

The idea for the meet and greet was sparked by the collective recognition of network science research growing within the CU system. While network science meetings and research were taking place on individual campuses and there was some awareness about other campus efforts, no in-person opportunities to connect the various campuses had emerged.

The March 7 network science gathering provided a common space to build visibility and an inventory of the various network science research, projects, skills, and tools that exist within the CU system. Discussions among group members uncovered possibilities for future collaborative research, projects, funding, and other cross-campus activities.

The meet and greet was hosted by the University of Colorado Denver’s Center on Network Science, which is housed at the School of Public Affairs. The Center on Network Science consists of a team of experts that help people, organizations, and communities to build, manage, and evaluate effective cross-sector collaborative networks. The center utilizes a community-based participatory research approach to provide research and evaluation, social network analysis tools and training focused on translating data to practice.

Additionally, the Center on Network Science envisions itself as a hub to elevate network science as a way to collaboratively build capacity, leverage knowledge, and share resources across academic and community audiences to tackle both research questions and community problems.

Anyone interested in learning more about network science and collaborative networks is invited to attend the 5th annual Network Leadership Training Academy. Early registration pricing ends March 17 and the event is filling up quickly, so be sure to register soon.

~Post by Malinda Mochizuki

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