International Update — Spring 2017

Photo of flags from different countriesThis is your SPA international news update for spring 2017. Please email ideas and suggestions to Scott Steinbrecher.

Faculty Updates

Angela Gover
Dr. Gover has been very busy preparing and organizing the Barcelona study abroad class on Comparative Gender-Based Violence. At present there are roughly 15 CU Denver applicants and another dozen from a separate group from the University of Baltimore.

Mary Guy
Dr. Guy is leading a team of international scholars as they investigate the public service experience around the globe. Her team of researchers will be presenting 8 papers at the ASPA conference, covering findings in Pakistan, Taiwan, China, India, Korea, US, UK, and Rwanda

Lori Hughes
Completed data collection (in Denver) for Understanding and Preventing Youth Crime, which is the US component of the International Self-Report Delinquency Study III

  1. Published a study based on data from Ukraine and Russia:
    Antonaccio, Olena, Ekaterina V. Botchkovar, and Lorine A. Hughes. (2016). “Ecological Determinants of Situated Choice in Situational Action Theory: Does Neighborhood Matter?” Journal of Research in Crime and Delinquency 54(3): 208-243.
  2. A freelance journalist in Iran interviewed Dr. Hughes via Skype about gangs for “180 Degrees,” a debate-show on Iranian state TV.

Christine Martell
Continued a research project with the Inter-American Development Bank, including reviewing the research products of 5 cases in Latin America on local government access to capital markets.

John Ronquillo
In September 2016 Dr. Ronquillo was a guest of the Institute for Innovation Research at the University of Kiel in Germany as a visiting scholar. He is working with Prof. Carsten Schultz, Prof. Petra Dickel, and PhD candidate Andrea Popa on projects related to public and nonprofit organizational innovation and social entrepreneurship.

Dean Teske and Danielle Varda
In December 2016 they met with the Executive Director of International Affairs John Sunnygard and Dr. Sharmila Anand, a CU Denver alum from India, regarding some possible partner activity between two institutions in India and CU Denver.

Wendy Bolyard and Pamela Medina have a large number of Korean students in their classes this semester.

Study Abroad

Students: it’s not too early to start thinking about study abroad in 2018. Start planning now for funding options, applicability of a particular course to your academic program, and other considerations for a trip abroad.

Faculty, if you are interested in doing a study abroad in 2018 please contact Scott and he can provide information on the application timeline.

Visiting Scholars and International Students

Professor Sung Jin Yoo from Korea arrived last August and has been busy and productive studying the aftermath of the 2016 presidential election along with examining elections in other countries.

In April SPA will welcome Maria Nagawa, a researcher from Uganda. Her research focus is on international development and during her stay we will connect her with the Wirth Chair Team and several faculty.

Scholars from the Czech Republic and the country of Georgia have applied for Fulbright study at CU Denver for the fall of 2017.

CheolSoo Park from Korea will arrive in July to conduct research on the Internet of Things.

Chen Fang from China arrived in late December and is conducting policy process research with the WOPPR team.


Korean de Tocqueville Seminar: Tuesday April 11, 11:45-1 pm in classroom 500. Watch for more information in the next couple of weeks.

Uganda Maymester Study Abroad: May 15- June 5

Barcelona Study Abroad: July 15-25

Wirth Chair in Sustainable Development and the Alliance for Sustainable Colorado Sustainability Series: In September, experts from the EU will discuss how subnational governments in Europe are addressing the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, with a particular focus on energy.

~Post by Scott Steinbrecher

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