SPA Faculty Award Winners for 2016

Members of the Academic Personnel Committee (APC) — Mark Pogrebin, Mary Dodge, Richard Stillman and Pamela Medina — recently nominated top performers for SPA awards in research, teaching and service for calendar year 2016. Non-tenure-track faculty were also nominated for a separate category. Dean Teske followed the APC recommendations in making awards in each category.

The SPA winners in each category will now compete with winners from the six other CU Denver schools/colleges for campus awards. SPA faculty have had great success with these campus level awards in recent years.

Congratulations to all the winners and honorable mentions!

Photo of Todd ElyResearch Winner: Todd Ely

Todd published five peer-reviewed articles in 2016, all in top journals.  He also wrote a technical report for the Government Accounting Standards Board.  In finishing a $150,000 Ford Foundation multi-year grant project, he authored four individual reports related to financing of extended K12 learning time models in Colorado. Todd is co-authoring a public administration textbook with Mary Guy.  He also helped write a major EPA grant proposal for SPA, which unfortunately was not funded.

Research Honorable Mentions: Chris Weible, Tanya Heikkila, Danielle Varda


Photo of Mary DodgeTeaching Winner: Mary Dodge

Mary has won the SPA teaching award several times, and the CU Denver campus award, because she is a dedicated and first-rate teacher. Her FCQ scores were very high in all of her classes in 2016 — three of which had more than 50 students.  She did a great deal of “above and beyond” mentoring for students and getting them involved in research projects.

Teaching Honorable Mentions: John Ronquillo, Eric Poole


Photo of Chris WeibleService Winner: Chris Weible

Chris recently finished his eight-year stint at editor of PSJ, where he raised the journal’s rankings and visibility considerably, and he now serves on the editorial boards of four journals.  Among other things, in 2016 Chris hosted four visiting scholars at SPA, reviewed 21 manuscripts for journals (not including in his editorial role), served on 13 Ph.D. committees (and as chair of seven of those), served as SPA’s Ph.D. program director, co-directed the active WOPPR program, and wrote tenure letters for four candidates.

Service Honorable Mentions: Todd Ely, Angela Gover


Photo of Sheila HussNon-Tenure-Track Faculty Winner: Sheila Huss

Sheila took over as BACJ program director.  She taught seven classes in 2016, with nearly 200 students, with FCQs all at 5.0 or better. She has put energy into organizing several CCJ events.

NTTF Honorable Mentions: Wendy Bolyard, Pamela Medina

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