Mark Pogrebin Receives Narrative Research Award

Photo of Mark PogrebinProfessor Mark Pogrebin won the 2016 David R. Maines Narrative Research Award from the Carl Couch Center for Social and Internet Research.

As their awards committee noted, “Mark Pogrebin (University of Colorado, Denver), Paul Stretesky (Northumbria University), Alexandra Walker (Colorado State University) and Tara Opsal (Colorado State University) are recognized with the 2016 Maines Award for their work, “Rejection, Humiliation, and Parole:  A Study of Parolees’ Perspectives.”

“In this work, Pogrebin and associates use in-depth interviews with parolees to illustrate how the parolee identity can promote the experience of status rejection and simultaneously foster conditions for humiliation.  The review committee praises it as a valuable to the sociology of deviance and crime that addresses how emotional consequences of parolee interactions interfere with parolees’ attempts to create redemption narratives for themselves and ward off deviant stigma.  This work draws heavily from “narrative criminology” pieces by Maruna and Presser, which in turn were influenced by Maines’ narrative work.”

The Maines Award is an annual competition, open to both students and the faculty who submit papers that (1) interpret or address Maines’ pragmatist approaches, (2) apply Maines’ narrative concepts to a social/communication event, (3) develop aspects of Maines’ scholarship in new directions, or (4) integrate the humanistic development of narrative and Maines’ pragmatist conceptual and theoretical direction.

Congratulations Mark!

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