Colorado’s 2017 Legislative Session is Topic of Dec. 2016 Breakfast

Photo of Colo. state capitolWhen: 7:30-9 a.m. Friday, Dec. 2, 2016
Where: Terrace Room (2nd floor), 1380 Lawrence Street, Denver (map)
Admission: This event is fully booked, so we are no longer accepting registrations. You can follow a livestream of the event by logging on at the scheduled start time.

Colorado’s state legislature is gearing up for an important session in spring 2017. Last spring there was a sense that not a lot would get done until after the elections and the 2017 session began.

A few close races in the Nov. 8 election shaped the party control of the Colorado Legislature. The Assembly is still controlled by the Democratic party, which gained a few seats for their majority.  And, while two state Senate seats flipped party, Republicans maintain a one-seat advantage, and thus control.

What will this split party control mean?  How will it influence important issues like the state budget, possible hospital provider fee changes, and condominium construction defects?  Will the state be able to make legislative progress on these and other issues?

And with a rapidly changing federal environment in Washington, D.C., what might changes to health care, infrastructure spending, energy and environment mean for Colorado and our Legislature?

Please join us for this very important discussion on Friday, Dec. 2, for our last First Friday Breakfast of this year!


  • Doug Friednash, Chief of Staff, Governor John Hickenlooper
  • Alec Garnett, Democrat State Representative, District 2
  • Bob Rankin, Republican State Representative, District 57
  • Tanya Kelly-Bowry, Vice President for Government Relations, CU Denver

Moderator: Associate Professor Tony Robinson, Chair of the Department of Political Science, CU Denver

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