SPA Partners with Colorado Parks and Recreation Association to Build Leaders

At the September 2016 Annual Conference of the Colorado Parks and Recreation Association in Grand Junction, a new partnership was initiated by CPRA and the School of Public Affairs’s Certified Pubic Manager Program to train leaders in the profession.

CPRA’s mission is to promote the parks and recreation profession and its growth throughout the state of Colorado. According to Ashley Perillo, professional development program manager for CPRA, “An important dimension of our mission is to provide continuing education opportunities to our members. We look forward to enhancing the leadership training opportunities that we currently provide through such a quality program and our partnership with the School of Public Affairs and the CPM program allows us to do that!”

Dallas Everhart, CPM faculty member for leadership, strategic planning and management, conducted the first course designed for all public agency professionals experiencing new challenges due to changing expectations of citizens and new generations taking leadership roles in organizations.


The participants included a wide range of leaders who had a common desire to improve their leadership skills, and specifically communications and teamwork. The in-class experience stimulated new levels of learning and the participants acquired skills that will benefit their organizations immediately.

Dallas used Emergenetics profiles as a foundation for individual personal insights, listening and learning from others. According to Dallas, “By playing the “New Game,” participants learned how we routinely follow the same old rules and face the same frustrations when in reality we have the opportunity to create a future of our own making — to be new leaders who create new ways of serving our communities. There was strong participation, fun, networking, new friends and new energy for a bright future.”

~Post by Randy Harrison, Senior Fellow

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