Nov. 2016 First Friday Breakfast: America’s Post-Election Landscape

dem-donkey-rep-elephant-drawingAt the First Second Friday Breakfast on Nov. 11, 2016, a panel of election experts, pundits and analysts will present a fair and balanced assessment of what happened and why. Just who and what did we vote for? What does it mean?

When: 7:30-9 a.m. Friday, Nov. 11, 2016
Where: Terrace Room (2nd floor), 1380 Lawrence Street, Denver (map)
Admission: Free, but space is limited — register now!  Breakfast will be served.

We moved this panel to Nov. 11 so we can talk about the election results in what has been called one of the most “interesting” political seasons in recent memory.

With 9 statewide ballot initiatives in Colorado — from single-payer health care to minimum wage to obscure business property taxes to tobacco taxes to end-of-life care — we have had a lot to digest in the (mail) ballot room. And with partisan control of Colorado’s state legislature in the balance, these measures are critically important to the state’s future direction.

Less out front, but very important to the University, are the CU Regents races. Plus a U.S. Senate race and several close U.S. Congressional races that could help shape D.C. politics, and much more.

Oh, and did we mention Donald and Hillary?

Please join us for a serious discussion, but hopefully bringing some levity as well (after all of these grim negative ads, you have to laugh a little, right?), as American democracy marches on.


  • Dr. Dennis Johnson, SPA lecturer, author of numerous books on American politics, former Associate Dean and Professor at George Washington University’s unique Graduate School of Political Management
  • Eric Sondermann, independent political analyst and pundit, Colorado Inside Out commentator (Channel 12), founder and former CEO of SE2
  • Sean Walsh, President of Sean Walsh Consulting, political and issues consultant
  • Tyler Chaffee, Senior Vice President, Strategies 360, political and issues consultant

Moderator: Dean Paul Teske, CU Denver School of Public Affairs

If you are unable to attend, tune in remotely! Join us by phone, computer or tablet by clicking this link at the scheduled start time.

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