International Update — Fall 2016

Photo of flags from different countriesThis is your SPA international news update for fall 2016. Please email ideas and suggestions to Scott Steinbrecher.

Faculty Updates

Deserai Crow
Dr. Crow has two forthcoming publications:

  • Crow, D. A., & Lawlor, A. (In Press). Media in the Policy Process: Using Framing and Narratives to Understand Policy Influences. Review of Policy Research, 33(5), 472-491.
  • Crow, D.A., Berggren, J., Lawhon, L., Koebele, E., Kroepsch, A, & Huda, J. (2016). Local Media Coverage of Wildfire Disasters: An Analysis of Problems and Solutions in Policy Narratives. Environment and Planning C: Government and Policy, DOI: 10.1177/0263774X16667302.

Angela Gover
Dr. Gover attended a study abroad training hosted by the Forum on Education Abroad in Barcelona, Spain, last February. As a result of this training, Dr. Gover developed the course “Gendered-Based Violence: The Case of Spain” that will be a study-abroad course in Barcelona, Spain, during the summer of 2017.

Dr. Gover attended the 16th Annual Conference of the European Society of Criminology in Muenster, Germany, in September.

In addition to these travels, Dr. Gover has two forthcoming publications:

  • 2016 McPhedran, S. Gover, A., Mazerolle, P. A cross-national comparison of police attitudes about domestic violence: A focus on gender. Policing: an International Journal of Police Strategies & Management, in press.
  • 2016 Jennings, W.G., Gover, A.R., & Alvarez-Rivera, L. Status offending and self-control: An extension of the general theory of crime. Korean Journal of Public Safety and Criminal Justice, in press.

Mary Guy
Dr. Guy leads an international research project that compares the work experiences of front-line public service workers in the East versus the West. The research team includes scholars in the U.S., Korea, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, England, Australia, Rwanda, the Philippines, Pakistan, and India. Preliminary data analysis is now ongoing.

Pamela Medina
Dr. Medina presented an article at ASPA on international uses of social media in local government.

Dr. Medina published an article in the Journal of e-Governance and Networks on Seoul Metropolitan Government’s use of social media to engage citizens. She also published a chapter titled “Smart Virtual City: Applying Smart Design to a City’s Online Culture and Identity” in International Practices of Smart Development with Robertas Jucevicius and Jurgita Brueckiene from Kaunas University of Technology in Lithuania.

Lastly, Dr. Medina was invited and then presented at ASPA’s International Young Scholar’s Workshop in Cape Town, South Africa.

Christine Martell
Dr. Martell was invited to present on her research on subnational government debt at a conference on debt management, sponsored by the World Bank and African Development Bank.

Also this year, she was contracted by the Interamerican Development Bank for a project that will conduct research in 6 Latin American countries on their state of subnational government credit markets. Dr. Martell is responsible for the methodology, the literature review, and peer review of the 6 country reports. This work took her to Peru and Washington.

Robyn Mobbs
Dr. Mobbs has international activity in multiple areas:

Presentation of project findings:

  • Collaborating to improve societal outcomes: How can we make inter-sectoral collaboration work? University of Hong Kong Faculty of Social Sciences Public Policy Seminar, June 2016, Hong Kong.
  • Policy implementation through interorganisational networks. HKU-USC-IPPA Conference on Public Policy, June 2016, Hong Kong.
  • Characteristics of effective interorganisational network structures in the American public health system and Hong Kong social welfare system. 20th International Research Society on Public Management Conference, April 2016, Hong Kong.

Guest lectures:

  • Public Service Collaboration: Challenges and Opportunities. Guest lecture for POLI2108 Introduction to Public Administration, University of Hong Kong Department of Politics and Public Administration, April 2016, Hong Kong.


  • University of Hong Kong Faculty of Social Science’s 16th Annual Research Postgraduate Conference, June 2016, Hong Kong.


  • Fulbright Research Workshop, 2015-16 Cultural Enrichment Program, Fulbright Taiwan, March 2016, Taiwan.
  • Fulbright Regional Retreat, U.S. Consulate- Hong Kong

Mark Pogrebin
Dr. Pogrebin attended the British Society of Criminology meeting in Nottingham, England, and presented a paper on prisoner reentry issues based on his research of Colorado parolees.

Allan Wallis
Dr. Wallis presented on innovative means for funding municipal infrastructure at the School of Business, University of Calgary, April 28, 2016.

He also presented on regional governance in the American West at the Annual Conference of the Alberta Land Institute, May 4, 2016, in Edmonton, Canada.

Study Abroad

Students: it’s not too early to start thinking about study abroad in 2017. Start planning now for funding options, applicability of a particular course to your academic program and other considerations for a trip abroad.

Classes planned for 2017:

International Development in East Africa: Uganda & Rwanda (Maymester)
This summer course in Uganda is designed for practitioners, public administrators, and policy analysts who are interested in addressing policy related to international development, public management, and public health practices

Gender-based Violence: The Case of Spain (Summer)
This hybrid course provides criminal justice students a unique opportunity to spend ten days immersed in Barcelona, Spain, where they will listen to and engage in discussions from lectures, guest speakers, and go on fascinating excursions focused on gender-based violence.

Visit the Global Education: Study Abroad website for a full list of all UCD study abroad courses.

Visiting Scholars and International Students

Please welcome Professor Sung-jin Yoo. Professor Yoo is a faculty member at Ewha Women’s University in Korea. Dr. Yoo will be conducting research on electoral behaviors and party politics across representative democracies. Dr. Yoo arrived in August of 2016.

Mr. Tae Wuk Ha, a high-ranking official from the Ministry of Personnel Management in Korea, arrived in early October.  Mr. Ha will be researching human resources practices for hiring government officials at the Senior Executive Service level.

On September 28, four faculty, four PhD students and three visiting scholars discussed how to get involved in international research activity. The discussion was lively as faculty and visiting scholars shared their experiences and perspectives on this topic.


November 9: Nationalitea from 3:30-4:30- Student Commons Room 1119. Nationalitea is a tea/coffee conversation with international students. All welcome to attend.

Study abroad information sessions. Please watch for announcements regarding these sessions during October and November.

November 3: Barcelona information session, 1:00 p.m. in conference room 450 in the Lawrence Street Center, 1380 Lawrence Street, Denver.

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