Center on Domestic Violence Awarded Large Grant

Logo for DOJ OVWThe Center on Domestic Violence at the School of Public Affairs just received a two-year, $699,000 grant from the U.S. Department of Justice Office on Violence Against Women (OVW).

CDV will provide specialized training and targeted technical assistance (TTA) to organizations funded by OVW. More specifically, CDV will work with OVW’s Consolidated Youth, Rural, and Tribal Governments grantees and STOP sub-grantees on how to implement effective prevention and intervention strategies for youth and child victims of sexual assault, domestic violence, dating violence, stalking and sex trafficking.

TTA provided by CDV will address the following identified gap areas:

  1. Need for a deep understanding of the impact of domestic and sexual violence on children and youth, behavioral indicators in various settings, and effective intervention responses;
  2. Insight into the ways in which the dynamics of teen relationships differ from those of adults and how that affects engagement of youth in anti-violence work and as leaders;
  3. Need to integrate cultural responsiveness into the fabric of program operations; and,
  4. Growing power of technology as a tool for coercive control and for the prevention of domestic and sexual violence.

The majority of Rural and Tribal grantees and the STOP sub-grantees are shelter programs. Consolidated Youth are prevention and intervention programs that are based in state coalitions, universities, or other human service organizations.

The funding will also support some consultants and partners on the grant, but most funding will support CDV’s work.

CDV currently is finishing up work on the first year of a related OVW grant, providing TTA to the grantees of OVW’s Campus Program.

Congratulations to Barb Paradiso and the Center on Domestic Violence!

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