SPA Welcomes New Visiting Scholars

Photo of flags from different countries

A number of scholars from outside the U.S. will be spending time at SPA during the 2016-17 academic year:

Professor Sung Jin Yoo is a faculty member at Ehwa Women’s University in South Korea and is engaged in research on electoral behaviors and party politics across representative democracies, with extensive research experience in both American and Korean politics. In particular, he is interested in the uprising of social movements around the world and how it affects power structure in party politics. He has worked on the rising of the Tea-Party movement in the United States and how U.S. political parties responded to the movement. Moving forward, he would like to expand his research to European countries, and Asian countries such as Japan and Taiwan, and investigate how new right-wing social movements change power structure in representative democracies.

Two Korean government officials are here studying Emergency Management policies and practices: One Sang Park is from the Ministry of Public Safety and Sung In Lim is from the Ministry of Interior.

Vilem Novotny is a scholar from the Czech Republic. The purpose of his visit will be to advance his research agenda in policy-politics relations (particularly political parties and their policy expertise), policy work (theory and policy advisory systems), higher education, development of study of public policy, and theories of policy process. He is working with Dr. Heikkila and Dr. Weible.

Jie Ren is a PhD student at the People’s Public Security University of China, Beijing. The purpose of her visit is to enhance her research in public management, specifically in the areas of police reform, personnel system, and organizational management. She is working with Dr. Guy and Dr. Schaible.

~Post submitted by Scott Steinbrecher

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