Getting to Know Your SPA Professors: Lori Hughes

Connecting with your professors can benefit you in the classroom and beyond.  Read this series to dive deeper into the minds of our professors and get answers to some fun and interesting questions.    We asked professors to reflect on their career, advice for students, non-academic hobbies and interests

If you were not a professor, what would you be?Hughes

I’d probably be a copy editor.  I’d want to do cancer research, be a computer programmer, or help rescue animals.

What is your favorite non-academic reading/interests?

My favorite non-academic interests are animals, particularly dachshunds, eating, gardening, watching TV, and having fun with friends and family.

What was your first concert?

Hughes (2)

I’ve been to so many I can’t remember, but it probably was Steel Pulse or some other reggae band.  The most recent concert I attended was Florence and the Machine.

Where have you lived outside of Colorado?

I’ve lived in Hawaii, Oregon, Washington, and Nebraska.

What is your ideal vacation? Or where do you like to travel?

I enjoy visiting historically significant sites and eating great food of all kinds.  Someday I’d like to see Africa and Eastern Europe.

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