Record Attendance at 2016 Network Leadership Training Academy

A sold-out crowd of 90 attendees was in Denver for the fourth annual Network Leadership Training Academy on May 16-18, 2016. This annual training is hosted by the Center on Network Science, led by Dr. Danielle Varda, in the School of Public Affairs.

The NLTA is a place where public sector leaders gather to learn, share ideas and develop skills for engaging in the “network way of working.” While many people today are deeply involved in the network way of working, they struggle to find tools and a place to build skills for this new way of connecting across boundaries. This annual training provides conversations about network leadership, activities and exercises to share and demonstrate skills and ideas, and practical tools to translate back to practice.

NLTA attendees came from 16 states, 2 Canadian provinces, Romania and Taiwan. There was representation from 8 alumni who attended in a previous year, 17 teams/groups and 53 organizations involved in participating, managing and leading networks in the areas of public health, education, environment and sustainability, social change and community outreach, human services/social work, and government (local, state and federal).

The training was led by experts in the area of building a network culture, engaging in a quality network process, network effectiveness, and evaluation of inter-organizational networks. Attendees could select from a number of breakout sessions where they connected with practitioners working in similar fields and participated in small group, hands-on experiences for learning and sharing. Each workshop was led by an experienced practitioner or academic and included conversation, exercises and skill building.

The keynote speaker was Professor Noshir Contractor from Northwestern University, an expert in the formation, maintenance and dissolution of dynamically linked social and knowledge networks in communities. His keynote topic was “Building and Leveraging Powerful Social Networks.”

The next Network Leadership Training Academy is tentatively scheduled for 2017. Sign up for the network leadership mailing list to receive updates and more information!

The Center on Network Science also offers network leadership webinars during the academic year. More information and recordings of the spring 2016 webinars can be found here.

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