Highlights from 2016 Spring Banquet

Outstanding students, faculty, staff and community partners were celebrated at the Denver Marriott City Center on April 29, 2016. Nearly 150 attendees were on hand for the annual celebration.

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CU Denver Chancellor Dorothy Horrell gave the keynote address. She offered this encouragement to students:

A life of meaning and purpose is not about titles; it’s not about how busy we are, or about how much stuff we accumulate. One’s true vocation does not come from a voice “out there” calling us to become something we’re not. It comes from a voice “in here” calling us to become what we’re born to be. I encourage you to have the courage to follow your heart and your intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become. You hold both halves of the golden ticket – your college degree brings with it credibility, represents mastery over a body of knowledge, and has prepared you to do meaningful work in public affairs. The other half is what you have that nobody else has: your mind, your voice, your values, your passion, your vision. I promise you that, put together, you have all the elements you need for the ride of a lifetime.

Ron LeBlanc, City Manager of Durango, received the Leo C. Riethmayer Award. Named after the founder of the School of Public Affairs, this annual award recognizes Colorado’s top public administrator. Ron is an MPA alum who studied under Riethmayer when the program operated out of Boulder. A profile of LeBlanc can be viewed here.

A number of faculty and staff members, along with lecturers, were recognized for their contributions to the School of Public Affairs.

Faculty Awards

Danielle Varda
Honorable Mentions: Lori Hughes, Todd Ely, Chris Weible, Angela Gover

Christine Martell
Honorable Mentions: Chris Weible, Todd Ely

Callie Marie Rennison
Honorable Mention: Angela Gover, John Ronquillo, Tanya Heikkila

Non-Tenure Track Faculty Award For Teaching
Denise Scheberle
Honorable Mention: Sheila Huss

Professor Lloyd Burton, who is retiring at the end of this academic year, was recognized for 30 years of service to the School of Public Affairs. A profile of Professor Burton can be viewed here.

Outstanding Lecturer Awards

Sean McCandless (Public Administration)
Wesley Jennings (Criminal Justice)

Outstanding Staff Award, Spring 2016

Kathryn Werner

Based on nominations by the faculty, students were recognized for their achievements in a number of different categories.

Outstanding Student Awards, Spring 2016

BACJ Outstanding Student
Katherine Didier

BACJ Outstanding Internship
Lauren Vialpando

MCJ Outstanding Student
Michelle Six

MPA Outstanding Student
Johanna Jamison

PhD Outstanding Dissertation Award
Jo Ann Shoup

Certified Nonprofit Professional Credential
Raymael Blackwell
Elizabeth Moser
Anna Neubauer

Pi Alpha Alpha Inductees

Morgan Anderson
Karlyn Armstrong
Carrie Chapman
Jennifer Cullin
Colleen Doan
Ida Drury
Juliana Fajardo
Michelle Fehringer
Carmelita Galicia-Munoz
Courtney Gibbon
Christopher Hudak
Scot Hunn
Alice Huyler
Kara Johnson-Hufford
Randi Johnson-Hufford
Samantha Larson
Kyle Lopez
Kathy McKeeta-Probeck
Charles McWilliams
Carla Mirabelli
Anna Neubauer
Kristin Olofsson
Janet Prell
Amy Saltzman
Stephen Self
Lisa Steffen
Marissa Weiss
Arlene Wilson
Elisabeth Zukowski

Alpha Phi Sigma Kappa Xi Inductees
Nancy Contreras
Tamara Emge
Laiza Garcia
Austin Jensen
Jason Mollendor
Samantha Preslan
Eric Wiggam
Arlene Wilson
Wendy McKenzie
Michelle Six
Nicholas Williams
Jessica Rosenthal

For students participating in the CU Denver commencement ceremony on May 14, SPA will host a reception immediately following commencement in Tivoli Student Union, Adirondacks Room 440/540. Family members and guests are welcome, and light refreshments will be served.

Congratulations graduates!

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