International Update — Spring 2016

Photo of flags from different countriesThis is your SPA international news update for spring 2016. Please email ideas and suggestions to Scott Steinbrecher.

Faculty Updates

Lucy Dwight
Dr. Dwight will speak on “Gun Ownership in the United States: The Interaction of Race and Religiosity” at the 2016 Athens Institute for Education and Research Conference on Sociology in early May.

Mary Guy
Dr. Guy leads an international research project that compares the work experiences of front-line public service workers in the East versus the West. The research team includes scholars in the U.S., Korea, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, England, Australia, Rwanda, the Philippines, Pakistan, and India. Preliminary data analysis is now ongoing.

Lori Hughes
Dr. Hughes is working on the third iteration of the International Self-Reporting Delinquency Study. The study involves three cities from the US (Boston, Miami and Denver) along with a number of other cities around the world. The study looks at bullying and school safety issues in grades 7-9 charter schools.

Pamela Medina
Dr. Medina presented a paper titled “Global Perspectives on Civic Health: Applying Lessons from Post-Communist Societies to Enable Greater Civic Outcomes in the United States” at the Association for Research on Nonprofits and Voluntary Associations in Chicago in November.

Paul Teske
Dean Teske signed the MOU with the Korean national assembly in October 2015 at the NASPAA conference.

Student Updates

Naomi Schnee, MPA student, is spending the spring semester in Cuba conducting capstone research and doing an internship for an international nonprofit.

Study Abroad

Students: it’s not too early to start thinking about study abroad in 2017. Start planning now for funding options, applicability of a particular course to your academic program and other considerations for a trip abroad.

The Denmark class on Sustainability has 20 plus students registered! Eight are from SPA and roughly half are from the Business School. Congratulations to Mark Safty and Jennifer Kagan for organizing and planning this class and generating that response.

As of this writing the Uganda class was still looking for a couple of additional students. If you are student and have an interest in the class, please email Jessica Tharp or Dr. Jamie Van Leeuwen ASAP.

The Vietnam class was cancelled due to low numbers, however, the faculty coordinator for the class is interested in holding the class in 2017. Students: please contact Scott Steinbrecher if you are interested in that course for next year!

Visiting Scholars and International Students

Dr. David Aubin from Belgium arrived in January for a semester-long visit. Dr. Aubin is from Université catholique de Louvain in Belgium and is doing work on the behavior of public servants. Please watch for information regarding a WOPPR presentation later this spring.

Geun Hye Kim, a PhD student in Korea, will arrive in May 2016. She will be working with Dr. Weible while researching cyber security policy.

Two research scholars from Korea, Mr. Onesang Park and Mr. Sung In Lim, will arrive in June to study Emergency Management practices.

SPA has also extended an invitation to Sing-jin Yoo. Professor Yoo is an Associate Vice President for Communications at Ewha Women’s University in Korea. Dr. Yoo will be conducting research on electoral behaviors and party politics across representative democracies, and will arrive in August 2016.

More details on these scholars will follow in the fall update.

~Post by Scott Steinbrecher

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