SPA Students Compete in NASPAA Student Simulation Competition

NASPAA logoAccelerated MPA students Harrison Holcomb and Will Drier participated in a climate change simulation competition on February 27, 2016, at Arizona State University in Phoenix.

The second annual student simulation competition was sponsored by the Network of Schools of Public Policy, Affairs, and Administration at 8 regional host sites: 7 in the United States and one in Europe.  A total of 375 students from 135 universities were represented on 20 teams. Students from different schools were put together on mixed teams and tasked with creating an executable plan to limit global warming.

Holcomb was on the winning team for the Southwest Region, where the competition featured more than 40 students from 15 schools. The overall winning team was from Europe. Both Drier and Holocomb said they enjoyed the competition very much and found it a very valuable learning experience.

Last year, MPA student Johanna Jamison was on the regional winning team when the regional competition was hosted by USC and the topic was health care.

“I am very pleased that SPA students have played important roles in the first two years of this NASPAA event,” says Paul Teske, SPA dean.

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