SPA Faculty Awards for 2015

Members of the Academic Personnel Committee (APC) — Angela Gover, Mark Pogrebin and Todd Ely — recently nominated top performers for SPA awards in research, teaching and service for calendar year 2015. Non-tenure-track faculty were also nominated for a separate category.

Dean Paul Teske followed the APC recommendations in making awards in each category. He noted that there were several outstanding bodies of work this year, and that there were more honorable mentions than in past years given so much great work.

The SPA winners in each category will now can compete with winners from the 6 other CU Denver schools/colleges for the campus award. SPA faculty have had great success with these campus level awards in recent years: Mary Guy won the campus service award for 2014, Tanya Heikkila won the 2012 campus research award, Paul Stretesky won the 2012 campus service award, and SPA swept the 2010 awards – Chris Weible for research, Mary Dodge for service and Angela Gover for teaching.

Congratulations to all the winners and honorable mentions!

Research Winner: Danielle Varda  Photo of Danielle Varda

Dr. Varda published 6 articles in 2015, including 2 in the American Journal of Public Health, which is very influential, with an impact factor of 4.55. She generated over $1 million in grants in 2015 alone (with $1.3 million more under review), while managing 13 ongoing client projects via BIG’s Center for Collaborative Governance, including with Annie E. Casey, Centers for Disease Control, Colorado Health Care Policy and Financing, and others. She was invited to be a keynote speaker at 8 practitioner conferences across the continent. Dr. Varda won a competition with Community First Foundation to develop and pitch a new patient-centered network app.

Research Honorable Mentions: Lori Hughes, Todd Ely, Chris Weible, Angela Gover

Lori Hughes, despite her transition from Nebraska to SPA, published 5 journal articles, 3 book chapters, and 3 encyclopedia entries in 2015, and continues work on a funded grant.

Todd Ely published 4 journal articles in 2015, continued with his Ford Foundation grant work, and his research was quoted or mentioned in 7 national media stories.

Chris Weible co-authored 4 peer-reviewed publications in 2015, with 6 more forthcoming or already published in 2016, as well as 6 book/encyclopedia chapters and 2 practitioner reports in 2015. In 2015, he earned 410 Google Scholar Citations to his research. He also is co-author of a forthcoming 2016 edited volume with Palgrave Macmillan on the comparative analysis of fracking politics in 7 countries including co-authoring 3 chapters (out of 9).

Angela Gover published 4 journal articles in 2015, as well as 2 handbook/encyclopedia entries, and 3 technical reports, plus earning a $100,000 research grant.

Photo of Christine MartellTeaching Winner: Christine Martell

Despite her heavy service load running the MPA program, Dr. Martell put a great deal of effort into developing and teaching the MPA core Budgeting class online. She put considerable effort into re-designing the course, with new modules and approaches, and it was met with terrific student FCQ scores and feedback. She has chaired and served on several PhD committees. Her work revamping the MPA curriculum is more service-oriented, but she has focused new teaching efforts in the revised curriculum.

Teaching Honorable Mentions: Chris Weible, Todd Ely

Chris Weible earned high FCQs as he taught PhD 8030 and AMPA 5005, which now includes 3 new methods of course evaluation. He has worked hard to incorporate Korean policy materials for the Korean (and other) AMPA students. Dr. Weible mentored/co-mentored 11 SPA PhD students, and as their dissertation chair, placed PhD students at Colgate University (Andrew Pattison) and University of Utah (David Carter).

Todd Ely continued to provide excellent teaching, with very high FCQ scores. He is also taking a growing role in PhD student advising and mentoring. He is working on a PA textbook with Dr. Mary Guy that is under contract for 2017.

Photo of Callie Marie RennisonService Winner: Callie Marie Rennison

Dr. Rennison continued her excellent service as both MCJ director and Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs. She was on several SPA hiring committees in 2015 and has represented SPA on many important university committees. She provides outstanding service to the criminal justice and criminology profession in terms of manuscript reviews, conference panels and outreach events. She had more than 12 media appearances in 2015. And, she kept her research output very strong.

Service Honorable Mentions: Angela Gover, John Ronquillo, Tanya Heikkila

Angela Gover again served as SPA Reappointment, Tenure and Promotion committee chair, and worked through 7 cases in 2015. She also was a member of APC committee. She continues to do an excellent job running the BACJ, where our student numbers remain strong, and she has added important new elements to internship programs, victimology concentration, etc. Her professional service includes numerous manuscript reviews, editorial board memberships and ACJS committee work.

John Ronquillo was very active in service. Rare for a newer scholar, he serves on the ARNOVA board. He helped put together a new conceptual and organizational approach for CU Denver’ s Latino Research and Policy Center, and he is very active in the national and local social entrepreneurship domains.

Tanya Heikkila continued excellent service as PhD director, getting more students to completion and to job successes. She has been very active in the national policy networks and in Colorado environmental and water outreach activities, in collaborative solutions and research presentations.

Photo of Denise ScheberleNon-Tenure-Track Faculty Winner: Denise Scheberle

Dr. Scheberle is one of our best teachers. Her FCQs and student feedback are off the charts. For good reasons, she won a national APSA teaching award in 2012. Denise has expanded her range of courses to help meet SPA needs. And, she is working with Dr. Bolyard to develop the BAPS curriculum in more depth.


NTTF Honorable Mention: Sheila Huss

Dr. Huss taught 9 classes for SPA in 2015, and taught more students than almost any SPA faculty member. Her FCQ scores were consistently high and the rigor of her classes is outstanding.

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