Inflection Point: Not As Much Gerrymandering ?

Photo of joint session of CongressIt is great to see an experienced and bipartisan group coming forward with a ballot proposal idea for 2016 to make the redistricting process in Colorado fairer.

The politics of redistricting in Colorado, and in many other states, have not been pretty over the past decade and beyond.  Bizarre late night, back room, and out-of-state discussions have been frequent, and disputes often end up in the courts.  Extreme gerrymandering of districts for party advantage is one of those elements of politics that makes some citizens lose their trust in the broader governance system.

Colorado is often very good at establishing bipartisan mechanisms like this.  It appears that the proposal will be applicable to both Congressional redistricting and state legislative reapportionment.  There is no perfect way to establish these districts, especially as demographics change across geographies in a growing state like Colorado, but there are certainly better and worse approaches.

The 2016 ballot is likely to be full of many ideas, from single-payer health care, to fracking issues, to a possible TABOR timeout, but I’m glad to see this idea gaining momentum.

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