Inflection Point: H2O Plan

Colorado is about to unveilMap of Colorado a new water plan today.  Water is such an essential policy issue for our state.

In a recent conversation I had with state Water Conservation Board director James Eklund, he noted that climate modeling suggests a scenario for Denver in 20 years that has our city looking like Albuquerque, due in part to water issues.  I like Albuquerque, but it is definitely a different climate and feel than Denver has now.

SPA is proud to be deeply engaged in water issues.  Our star faculty member Tanya Heikkila is a water policy expert and is working on a number of projects.

We recently established an Intermountain Infrastructure Exchange in SPA’s Buechner Institute with a strong focus on examining what is needed to develop more effective water infrastructure projects in Colorado, Utah and Arizona.

And, while many innovative solutions and ideas are being developed to use water more efficiently, today’s Denver Post article on dying evergreens in Washington Park, watered with recycled water that apparently contains a higher salt content, is also a sobering reminder of some of the challenges we face.

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