Inflection Point: The Kids are Alright

Photo of SPA graduatesWriters love to examine the work ethic and expectations of the millennial generation, especially now that they have some experience in the work force, compared to prior generations.

In the world of government and public service, there have been some doubts about the millennials’ commitment to this type of work.

A new study fortunately debunks many myths that were emerging, since the current US federal workforce has relatively low numbers of millennial workers.

As summarized in this recent article in the Denver Post, millennials do want to work in government, but have found it hard to find such jobs in recent years.  They do plan to stay in those government jobs, at similar levels to prior generations, rather than leaving for the private sector as soon as possible.  While future workforce studies show all workers holding many different kinds of jobs and even multiple careers, government service may continue to be an attractive option for millennials.  But, governments at all levels, including federal, should examine their HR policies to make sure they are flexible and providing good incentives for career growth.

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