Inflection Point: CU Denver #9 in U.S. for Value Added to Grads

Photo of SPA graduateThere is more, better evidence that CU Denver students Learn with Purpose !

In September, I wrote about the positive earnings findings for CU  Denver graduates from the Obama administration’s new College Scorecard.

The venerable Brookings Institution has a new report out by Jonathan Rothwell on how colleges and universities add economic value to their graduates’ earnings 10 years after graduation.

The study compares what a college’s graduates “should” earn (based upon a fairly sophisticated regression analysis that includes several control variables, like measures of family background), to what they actually earn 10 years after graduation.  Higher education institutions with large positive values are adding the most value to their graduates.

Table 3 is the money shot here (copied below). CU Denver ranks number 9 in America, ahead of Harvard and Duke and generally in the mix with the very top specialized STEM and medical-related universities.

Again, this just includes earning data for students with federal loans and grants, which this study says includes about 50 percent of all higher education students (the prior Washington Post article on the Scorecard said 70 percent have federal loans and grants, so presumably the accurate figure is in that 50-70 percent range).

It will be great to see more analysis of this type.  For now, both the raw data from the U.S. Department of Education and the value added analysis data from one of America’s most prestigious think tanks show CU Denver graduates doing extremely well economically.



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