Inflection Point: Republican Challenges in DC, Democratic Problems in the States

This Vox article by Matt YglesiasPhoto of Donald Trump makes several good points about the current state of our political parties.  With the loud and crowded Republican Presidential primary and the concerns around who wants to be the Republican Speaker in the House of Representatives, Democrats are likely to feel somewhat good about their relative position in DC and the Presidential race.

At the same time, at the state level, Republicans have won an unprecedented number of state legislative and gubernatorial races, where a lot of policy is made, especially as Washington, DC, gridlock impedes most federal action.  Indeed, the Republicans control all 3 branches in 25 states, while the Democrats only control all 3 branches in 7 states (the other 18 states have divided control).

While the Presidential electoral map landscape is favorable to the Democrats these days, the Congressional landscape will continue to favor Republicans.  And, the recent success of Republicans at the state level is clear.

More broadly, with party polarization increasing, it is hard to see how compromises can be struck on most major issues.

~Photo: Gage Skidmore / CC-BY-SA-3.0

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