International News Update — Fall 2015

Photo of DIAThis is a recap by Scott Steinbrecher, Coordinator of International Student Programs, of activities that have taken place since January 2015.

Items include presentations at international conferences, book chapters with an international theme, articles written about an issue in another country or with a co-author(s) from another country, Fulbright research and other activities.


Malcolm Goggin
Dr. Goggin met with former SPA Visiting Scholars Luis Sanz Menendez and Laura Cruz from CSIC in Madrid, Spain, to talk about future collaboration as well as possibly teaching classes at the local university which has a graduate program where the language of instruction is English. He also met with several European scholars who are potential contributors to an edited book on the uses of research-based knowledge in subnational government planning for hazards due to climate change that he will co-author with Brian Gerber and Samantha Larson.

Angela Gover
Dr. Gover has a number of publications in press:

  • 2015 Wesley Jennings & Angela Gover. A multi-level examination of life-course offending trajectories: Implications for a theoretically integrated model for explaining criminal behavior. Korean Journal of Public Safety and Criminal Justice. In press. 2015
  • 2015 Wesley G. Jennings, Angela R.Gover, & Lorena Alvarez-Rivera. Status offending and self-control: An extension of the general theory of crime. Korean Journal of Public Safety and Criminal Justice. In press.
  • 2015 MiRang Park, Nicholas Perez, Wesley J. Jennings, & Angela R. Gover. A Preliminary Examination of the Role of Deterrence and Target Hardening on Future Recidivism Risk Among Burglars in South Korea. Security Journal. In press.

Mary Guy
Dr. Mary Guy is leading an international research team that is comparing the everyday work experiences of front-line public service workers around the globe. Data collection is ongoing in Rwanda, Hong Kong, South Korea, China, Taiwan, the Philippines, England, Australia and the U.S. The results will provide comparisons regarding job satisfaction and trust in leadership, in addition to information about whether and how culture influences workers’ performance in emotionally intense jobs.

Recent international research collaborations resulted in this publication:
Mary E. Guy and Hyun Jung Lee. 2015. “Emotional Intelligence and Emotional Labor: How Related are They?” Review of Public Personnel Administration. 35(3): 261-277.

Tanya Heikkila and Chris Weible
Drs. Heikkila and Weible completed a book with scholars from six other countries titled “Policy Debates on Hydraulic Fracturing: Comparing Coalition Politics in North America and Europe.” The book is in the production phase with Palgrave, and will come out in print in 2016. It was the culmination of a workshop they co-hosted in Zurich in Feb. 2015, which was funded by one of their grants with the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation.

They both attended the International Conference on Public Policy in Milan in June 2015. At that conference they hosted a panel related to their book (mentioned above) among other conference duties (presenting research, serving as discussants, etc.).

Dr. Weible also attended conferences in Sweden and Korea during the summer.

Lori Hughes
Dr. Hughes is co-author of a cross-national criminological study selected for presentation at the American Sociological Association this past August. The first and last authors are from Finland: Savolainen, Jukka, Steven F. Messner, Samantha E. Applin, Lorine A. Hughes, Bob Lytle, and Janne Kvivouri. “The Societal Normative Context and the Gender Gap in Delinquency: Evidence from a Cross-National Survey.” Presented at the 2015 American Sociological Association Annual Meetings, Chicago, IL.

Dr. Hughes also has a number of accepted articles based on cross-national data:

  • Hughes, Lorine A., Lonnie M. Schaible, and Benjamin R. Gibbs. (Forthcoming). “Economic Dominance, the ‘American Dream,’ and Homicide: A Cross-National Test of Institutional Anomie Theory.” Sociological Inquiry
  • Article based on data from Ukraine (co-authors from Ukraine and Russia)
    Hughes, Lorine A., Olena Antonaccio, and Ekaterina V. Botchkovar (Forthcoming). “How General is Control Balance Theory? Evidence from Ukraine.” Justice Quarterly
  • Article based on data from Russia and Ukraine (co-authors from Russia and Ukraine)
    Zimmerman, Greg, Ekaterina V. Botchkovar, Olena Antonnacio, and Lorine A. Hughes (Forthcoming). “Low Self-Control in ‘Bad’ Neighborhoods: Assessing the Role of Context in the Relationship between Self-Control and Crime.” Justice Quarterly
  • Article based on data from Finland (co-authors from Finland)
    Savolainen, Jukka, W. Alex Mason, Lorine A. Hughes, Hanna Ebeling, Tuula M. Hurtig, and Anja M. Taanila (2015). “Pubertal Development and Sexual Intercourse among Adolescent Girls: An Examination of Direct, Mediated, and Spurious Pathways.” Youth and Society 47(4):520-538.
  • Article based on cross-national data (co-authors from Finland)
    Felson, Richard B., Jukka Savolainen, Lorine A. Hughes, and Noora Ellonen. (2015). “Gender, Provocation, and Intimate Partner Aggression.” Partner Abuse 6(2): 180-196.

Christine Martell
Dr. Martell presented a paper, “A Theory of Subnational Capital Markets”, at the International Institute of Administrative Sciences conference in Rio de Janeiro.

Pamela Medina
Dr. Medina did a conference presentation titled “What Works: International Practices in Smart Development” hosted by Kaunas University of Technology in Vilnius, Lithuania.

She also co-authored a book chapter with Thomas Bryer titled “Smart Virtual City: Applying Smart Design to a City’s Online Structure and Identity” in International Practices of Smart Development, which is being published by Peter Lang Publishers in Frankfurt, Germany.

Robyn Mobbs
Dr. Mobbs is a Fulbright Scholar at the University of Hong Kong Faculty of Social Sciences this academic year (Aug. 2015- June 2016). She is researching and analyzing the operations and performance of social welfare inter-organizational networks in Hong Kong.

During her Fulbright year she has been busy researching and participated in some great internationally focused workshops in Hong Kong (one focused on collaborative governance, one focused on public policy in a global context; and one on social return on investment). Dr. Mobbs was also invited to evaluate presentations at University of Hong Kong Faculty of Social Science’s 15th Annual Research Postgraduate Conference and invited to guest lecture for a couple of classes at the University of Hong Kong: MNPM 7003 Nonprofit Management (Oct. 2015) and POLI 8023 Collaborative Governance (Oct. 2015).

John Ronquillo
In June 2015, Dr. Ronquillo spent a week in residence working on research with two faculty and a Ph.D. candidate at the Institute for Innovation Research at the University of Kiel in Germany. He has been invited to return next summer as a Visiting Professor.

In early July, he presented “Repurposing Profit: Understanding and Assessing the Social Enterprise of L3Cs” at the 5th EMES International Research Conference in Helsinki, Finland, which was funded in part by a Faculty Investment Fund grant from SPA.

Allan Wallis
During the spring semester 2015 Dr. Wallis was a Fulbright visiting scholar at the University of Alberta in Edmonton. During that period he conducted research on regional governance in Alberta and gave two public talks on that topic.

Wirth Chair in Sustainable Development

The Wirth Chair in Sustainable Development is currently conducting research about the obstacles and risks associated with electric energy project development in East Africa. In March 2015, Wirth Chair Mark Safty and Director Jennifer Kagan traveled to Rwanda and Uganda to meet with representatives from government, nonprofit, and private organizations to begin to lay the foundation for the project and gain an understanding of the people and processes involved in electric energy project development in those countries. Safty and Kagan are planning to return to Rwanda in January and will spend about three weeks conducting interviews and collecting data to explore the major obstacles and risks associated with electric energy project development and how these obstacles and risks play out in Rwanda. They plan to complete the Rwanda portion of the research project in the spring of 2016.

In May 2015 the Wirth Chair in Sustainable Development partnered with the American-Danish Business Council to offer its second Extended Learning Trip. Sixteen people from across sectors and with a variety of backgrounds came on the trip to learn about Danish solutions to sustainability issues. The group traveled around Denmark seeing and hearing firsthand accounts of Denmark’s innovation and leadership, particularly with respect to renewable energy. The trip began in Copenhagen where the group gained an overview of Denmark’s plan to become 100% fossil fuel free by 2050, learned about urban sustainability issues, and met with a former minister of climate and energy. The group continued on to various sites around Denmark, including Kalundborg Symbiosis, where various industrial facilities work together to use the waste products from one process for the benefit of others, and Samsø Island, where 100% of electricity and about 70% of heat comes from renewable sources. As a follow-up to the trip, some of the trip participants gave presentations about their experiences and lessons learned at the July 2015 Sustainability Series hosted by the Wirth Chair at the Alliance Center.

Building on the success of the May 2015 trip, the Wirth Chair is planning a Maymester to Denmark in 2016. About fifteen students will spend two weeks in Copenhagen, Kalundborg, Samsø Island, and Aarhus, learning about energy and sustainability policies and practices in Denmark. The Maymester is cross-listed with the Business School and will be eligible for credit toward the Sustainability Minor in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences.


Jean Marie Ntayomba from Rwanda, online MPA 2015, was recently admitted to the PhD program at West Chester State University in Pennsylvania.

Study Abroad

In addition to the Denmark Maymester described above, Dr. Ralph Longobardi, a SPA alum and instructor, is working on a Maymester proposal for 2016 in Vietnam. The Maymester course in Uganda is also in the planning stages for another year.

Visiting Scholars and International Students

Fabian Klein from Germany arrived in mid-September. Fabian is a PhD student in Germany and will be working with Dr. Weible and WOPPR.

The Korean Development Institute (KDI School), a SPA MOU partner, has sent a record number of applicants for the spring term due to the numbers of students in their Global Masters Program. Five KDI students have already been accepted for the spring term with several others still in the application process.

We anticipate that Mr. SeungJong Kim will arrive as a Visiting Scholar on Dec. 1. Mr. Kim works for the Korean Bureau of Audit and Inspection (somewhat similar to the U.S. General Accountability Office) and will be here for six months.

~post by Scott Steinbrecher

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