Inflection Point: CU Denver Grads Earn Big Bucks

The Obama administration is putting in considerable effort to make information available to families about higher education rates-of-return, by institution.  Over the weekend, the President’s weekly address focused on the new College Scorecard.

The Washington Post ran an article on the scorecard, and assessed some of the data.  Among other things, they found that for large public universities with over 2000 undergraduates, Colorado School of Mines has the highest earnings in the country by its graduates who used federal loans or grants (a common finding, with petroleum engineers in big demand), but also that CU Denver graduates are #3 in the country for earnings in this category, just behind Georgia Tech.  Nationally, about 70% of student utilize federal loans or grants.

As writer Nick Anderson says: “A search of the Scorecard for public universities with at least 2,000 undergraduates found that Colorado School of Mines had the highest median earnings for alumni ($74,700), followed by Georgia Tech ($74,000), University of Colorado-Denver ($73,800) and Missouri University of Science and Technology ($65,500). The University of Maryland at College Park ranked 11th in this group of 494 schools ($59,100), and the University of Virginia ranked 12th ($58,600).”

Like any survey of large numbers of students and universities, these numbers have some flaws, and are not perfect.  But CU Denver’s performance is extraordinary, and great news for current students.

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