Inflection Point: TOD is BIG

Photo of Denver light rail trainWhile this Denver Post article on Federal Boulevard is about a major street in Denver/Adams County, the key element here is how to utilize transit-oriented development (TOD). The potential changes are so profound that the Urban Land Institute has designated the impacted portion of Federal Boulevard as one of four national “demonstration sites.”

As the article notes, a lot is at stake with getting TOD right.  It can shape current and future development patterns, as well as access to housing, jobs, and education.  That is why we are excited for the first Buechner Institute “Buechner Breakfast First Friday” of the 2015-16 academic year on “Challenges and Opportunities for Transit Oriented-Development” on Sept. 4, at 7:30 a.m.  It focuses on a brand new report from the Buechner Institute on TOD. You can register here for this free event.

The Regional Transit District (RTD) in metro Denver has been engaged in one of the largest transit expansions in America. New lines will open soon to the Denver airport, and to the north and western suburbs. Supported by the Denver Regional Council of Governments (DR COG), the Buechner Institute for Governance (BIG) recently studied TOD issues. This event will feature results from this and other key studies, and will address what’s emerging and what’s next for TOD: How does the region and Colorado benefit from TOD? Are we leveraging its economic development? What are the strategies and lessons learned for related issues like affordable housing, first and last mile connectivity, jobs, social equity, long-term economic vitality and sustainability?

Please join us – it should be interesting.

Moderator: Randy Harrison, Senior Fellow, Buechner Institute for Governance, CU Denver

Presenter: Rocky Piro, Executive Director, Colorado Center for Sustainable Urbanism, CU Denver


  • Dace West, Executive Director, Mile High Connects
  • Brad Weinig, Senior Project Director, Enterprise
  • Brad Calvert, Metro Vision Manager, DRCOG Metro Vision
  • Susan Wood, Planning Project Director, RTD, and past President Colorado APA

~Photo by Wally Gobetz / CC BY

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