State Governance and Boards of Education Debated at Education Policy Event

Panelists and audience members discussed the pros and cons of different models of statewide education governance at the Education Policy Networking event on April 9, 2015. Panelists included:

  • Amy Starzynski, founder and partner, Foresight Law and Policy
  • Bill Ritter, former Governor of Colorado and Director of the Center for the New Energy Economy, CSU
  • Christopher Cross, chairman, Education Policy Consulting Firm Cross & Joftus and consultant, Broad Foundation and Aspen Institute
  • Steven Durham,  5th Congressional District, State Board of Education

The panel was organized and moderated by Elaine Gantz Berman, senior strategist, The DeBoskey Group and former member of the State Board of Education.

In Colorado, and around the country, many state boards are becoming more active in a range of education topics, especially around testing issues. State boards, as a form of governance, vary in structure and power around the country. Panelists also discussed the role of state boards, compared to state legislatures and governors, local school boards, and other actors in the K-12 education world.

A slideshow of photos from the event can be found below, along with an audio recording of the event.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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