Jessica Sowa, John Ronquillo Awarded Faculty Development Grants

Two SPA faculty members were recently awarded grants by the CU Denver Center for Faculty Development. The grants are intended to enhance the quality of teaching, research or creative work. Examples of items that are supported by these development grants include:

  1. attending workshops and conferences related to teaching and/or research/creative work
  2. employing student assistants involved in research work
  3. supporting professional development
  4. converting existing courses to newer technologies
  5. obtaining special equipment or software.

Associate Professor Jessica Sowa received an $ 1,800 grant to attend the Educause national conference in October. Educause focuses on higher ed and technology issues. Based upon what she learns there, Jessica will deliver a brownbag to the faculty and prepare a resource list for faculty and lecturers.

Assistant Professor John Ronquillo received a $5,000 research grant. His project is entitled “Exemplars of American Indian Leadership and Public Service” and is related to a PAR article on tribal governance that John published in 2011.

Congratulations to Jessica and John!

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