International News Update — Spring 2015

This update includes news on faculty and student activity, new visiting scholars, a short-term scholar opportunity in Spain and some events of note in October and November.

Faculty Updates

SPA hosts international delegation
In December 2014 WorldDenver asked SPA to host an international delegation comprised of visitors from more than 20 countries to discuss public affairs education. SPA panel members included Dean Teske, Prof. Martell, Assoc. Prof. Heikkila, Ph.D. student Kristin Olofsson and MPA student Caroline Fry.

Mary Guy
Professor Mary Guy continues her work leading an international research team that is comparing the everyday work experiences of front-line public service workers in the East versus the West. Preliminary data have been analyzed to refine the questionnaire, which is now being translated so that data collection can begin in Hong Kong, South Korea, China, Taiwan, the Philippines, England, Australia and the United States. The results will provide comparisons regarding job satisfaction and trust in leadership in addition to information about whether and how culture influences workers’ performance in emotionally intense jobs.

Tanya Heikkila/ Chris Weible
Associate Professors Chris Weible and Tanya Heikkila ran a workshop in Switzerland on the politics of hydraulic fracturing in North America, the United Kingdom and Europe. The workshop is designed to produce an edited book based on the research papers that the participants presented and discussed.

Both Chris and Tanya continue their work with our students on the NSF PIRE project.

In fall 2014 Chris Weible organized a comparative public administration workshop involving SPA Ph.D. students (including at least one from South Korea) and two Chinese visiting scholars that he is hosting. As a follow-up, in January he invited all current SPA students from South Korea and visiting scholars to attend a lunch seminar on Korean public administration. Ph.D. students Kristin Olofsson, Daniel Costie, Juniper Katz, So Jin Jang and Kyu Dong Park participated in the program, as did Christine Martell and Tanya Heikkila.

Lonnie Schaible
Assistant Professor Schaible led a group of 9 BACJ and 3 MCJ students on a course/trip to London in January 2015. Highlights of the trip included tours of Parliament, the Supreme Court, and the Old Bailey (London’s central criminal court), where they got to watch a live trial. The group also visited The Metropolitan Police Heritage Center and Wapping Station Policing Museum, along with guest speakers/guides Karen Sharpe and Lonnie’s colleague, Jon Bendall, who were former police officers. The group had the same tour guide, Tom Hooper, for Parliament and the Inns of Court tours. He was fantastic and made it very interesting to learn about how the U.K.’s legal systems have influenced our own.

Christine Martell
In November 2014 Professor Martell hosted 2 visiting scholars from Mexico. Professor Cecilia Cadena-Inostroza from El Colegio Mexiquense conducted research on local governance and water delivery. Professor María Esther Morales Fajardo from Centro Regional de Investigaciones Multidisciplinarias-UNAM conducted research on local governance and finance issues.

Allan Wallis
Professor Wallis spoke at the Alberta Association of Municipalities in October 2014 about regionalism in Edmonton. Both of Alberta’s major cities, Edmonton and Calgary, are working on regional plans. Allan is looking at the governance structures behind the plans, especially to the extent that they’re trying to be collaborative. He is currently on a Fulbright at the University of Alberta.

Student Updates

Faculty and instructor shout-out from Jean Marie, an online international student from Rwanda who is stationed in Haiti with the United Nations:

It hasn’t been an easy journey especially due to hardship. I live in Haiti, sometimes in hostile environment, and getting books shipped on time can be difficult. As I believe in sacrifice, I had sometimes to fly to Miami over week-ends to get books, running behind schedule as a result. Academically it has been VERY rewarding beyond my expectations. SPA is excellent school, staff and Professors are astounding. SPA has rekindled my learning desire, If I wasn’t shouldering family responsibility I would apply for a Ph.D. in Public Affairs.

Uganda/East Africa Service Learning Class
SPA is again holding this service learning class during Maymester. It will be led by SPA lecturer and Ph.D. alum Jamie van Leeuwen. Nine students from various UCD units and two other in-state institutions will be traveling to Kampala, Uganda, for the course (currently one SPA student has signed up and possibly one more will confirm this week).

American Public Service Environment (APSE) Class

Photo of Students visit judicial center

On March 4, 2015, students from the APSE class heard a talk from Colorado Appellate Court Judge Robert Hawthorne on the United States Court system, met Chief Appellate Justice Loeb, and heard part of oral arguments for a case before the Colorado Supreme Court.

Pictured (l to r): Hye-Young Shim, Bong Shin Kim, Jung Sang Hong, Colorado Appellate Court Justice Robert Hawthorne, In Goo Lee, Kidoong Choi, In Woo Park, and Jae Chul Lee.

Wirth Chair

In fall 2014, Wirth Chair Mark Safty participated in conferences related to energy and development in Africa. He was the lead facilitator for several roundtable discussions about sustainable infrastructure and agricultural development at the Africa Global Infrastructure Conference in London in October, which focused on development in Ghana, Tanzania, Uganda and Rwanda. The heads of state of all 4 nations participated in the conference, along with their senior development advisors from the mining, energy, and agricultural sectors, financiers, investors, and other global firms focused on African development. In November, Safty was a panelist at the Energy Africa Conference in Denver, where he participated in a discussion about developments in renewable and distributed energy systems to service off-grid and rural markets.

In March 2015, Wirth Chair Mark Safty and Wirth Chair Director Jennifer Kagan will return to Uganda and Rwanda to follow up on many of the connections made on their August 2014 East Africa Energy and Sustainability Trip. Safty and Kagan will meet with government, nonprofit and private sector leaders to explore opportunities for research and education projects related to energy production and distribution efforts in East Africa.

In May 2015, the Wirth Chair in Sustainable Development, in partnership with the American-Danish Business Council, will offer its second extended learning trip. This trip will engage participants regarding Denmark’s innovative solutions to energy and environmental issues. The purpose of the trip will be to educate participants and to think about adapting some of Denmark’s solutions to sustainability issues in the United States and other parts of the world. The weeklong trip will include visits to several sites throughout the country, including Kalundborg Symbiosis, where various industrial facilities work together to use the waste products from one process for the benefit of others, and Samsø Island, where 100% of electricity and about 70% of heat comes from renewable sources. For more information, visit the Wirth Chair website.

Visiting Scholar and International Student Updates

One new student from the Korea Development Institute has joined SPA for the spring term.

In December, Nadeen Alsayat graduated from the MCJ program. Nadeen is believed to be the first Saudi Arabian woman to graduate with an MCJ degree. Congratulations to the MCJ faculty and Ph.D. student Sean McCandless for their support of Nadeen during her time at SPA.

Events of Note

Study Abroad 101
March 10, 2015
12:30 – 1:30pm
9th floor of the Lawrence Street Center Building
Learn the basics of studying abroad as a CU Denver student at this info session.

International Career Workshop
March 10, 2015
5- 6:30 p.m.
Tivoli 320 ABC
Bring your updated resumes and be ready to learn about resume writing, interview skills and how to apply for international jobs and internships.

Korean de Tocqueville Seminar
April 13, 2015
11:45- 1 p.m.
Classroom 500
Tentative Topic: Performance Management, Employee Motivation and the Korean Promotion system.

East Africa Maymester Service Learning Course
May 18-June 4, 2015

~Post by Scott Steinbrecher, international student programs coordinator

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