Crime Analyst Certificate Now Available

The School of Public Affairs has received formal approval to begin offering a 5-course, graduate level crime analyst certificate. This certificate will be administered by the Master of Criminal Justice program. The certificate will emphasize criminal justice and criminology-related subjects, but the analytic skills learned in the certificate training can be easily transferred to non-criminal justice and criminology fields.

Crime analyst job opportunities are expected to grow by as much as 19% by 2020, and demand has already been seen in agencies across the country. Students are increasingly passionate about topics such as prison reform, counter-terrorism, crime trends and crime prevention. There is no better way to combat the problems faced by society than by starting with the seemingly indiscernable task of analyzing data and other intelligence.

Increasingly, governmental, nonprofit and private agencies have reached out to the MCJ program to provide students with the skills that will be offered in the analyst certificate. Some examples of agencies that need employees with these skills include:

  • Local, state and federal law enforcement agencies, including police departments, courts and correctional agencies
  • Private companies that hire analysts to locate financial scams and make time- and budget-saving recommendations
  • Research firms and think tanks search for candidates with these skills
  • Local and state agencies require expertise in the creation of crime bulletins and hot spots mapping
  • Federal agencies such as the Department of Justice and the Census Bureau hire graduates possessing the skills learned in the analyst certificate
  • The Department of Homeland Security and related state and local agencies hire analysts to examine data and present findings on topics such as terrorism and sex trafficking in the United States and abroad

Students will be able to complete the certificate in a minimum of 1.5 years (3 semesters) using courses already offered at CU Denver. Several of the courses required for this certificate are offered both online and in person. With an increase in demand for these courses, the entire certificate would be made available both online and in person.

For more information, contact Associate Professor Callie Rennison, MCJ Program Director, at

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