SPA Recipients of 2014 Faculty Awards Announced

Based upon the input and advice of the Academic Personnel Committee, on Feb. 13, 2015, Dean Paul Teske announced the SPA faculty award winners for calendar year 2014:

  • Research: Chris Weible
  • Teaching: Todd Ely
  • Service: Mary Guy
  • Non-Tenure Track Faculty: Robyn Mobbs

The summaries below offer highlights that Dean Teske selected from the nomination materials. They clearly demonstrate that there is a lot of amazing research, teaching and service taking place at SPA; the honorable mention winners also did fabulous work.

The SPA award winners can now compete for the campus-level award. The Denver Campus selects annual awards for Excellence in Teaching; Service; Research and Creative Activities; Excellence Related to Non-Tenure Track Faculty; Librarianship; and, the new Outstanding Faculty Mentoring Award. Committees comprised of the winners (school and college-level, as well as campus-level) from the past two years select the campus-level winner in each category.

Photo of Christopher WeibleResearch Winner: Chris Weible
Chris’ research was characterized by quality, quantity and impact. He published 5 peer-reviewed articles, including one in the top ranked PA journal – JPART – and 3 book chapters. He also published 2 encyclopedia chapters, one edited book with 3 authored chapters therein, a special issue published in the Journal of Comparative Policy Analysis, and won 3 grants (including NSF and Sloan) totaling $368,000 this year, and has 3 other grants pending. He was invited to give research talks around the world – at Columbia, at the Ostrom Workshop in Indiana, at universities in Montpellier, Tsinghua, Louvain, Erasmas, and Uppsala. He also co-led 3 meetings of key Colorado stakeholders on fracking issues and wrote 2 public commentaries. Considerable research is already in the pipeline for 2015.

Research Honorable Mention: Tanya Heikkila
Since Tanya and Chris often work on joint projects, Tanya’s nomination included many of the same grants (Sloan and NSF) and projects cited above. More specifically, Tanya published 4 peer-reviewed articles, 3 book chapters and several technical or professional reports in 2014. Of the 4 articles, one is in JPART (and is not co-authored with Chris, but a different JPART piece) and one in ARPA. Tanya also has several articles in the pipeline, including an Urban Affairs Review article (with Chris) that was published online in 2014 but print version will appear in 2015.

Photo of Todd ElyTeaching Winner: Todd Ely
Todd added pre/post assessments to his classes to supplement Faculty Course Questionnaire (FCQ) feedback. He added a lot of new materials to his courses and had one syllabus reviewed by a colleague who wrote the main book for the class. He received very high FCQ scores in all of his 2014 classes, averaging 5.2 for course overall and 5.6 for instructor overall. Those classes included budgeting and quantitative methods, which do not often get high FCQ scores. Todd did 12 second readerships and serves on 3 Ph.D. committees (one as chair).

Teaching Honorable Mention: Lonnie Schaible
Lonnie prepped several new courses, including online, and added a lot of new material to existing ones. He started a new study abroad class about Criminal Justice in London, which was very successful. He had his courses externally assessed and responded to that feedback. His FCQ scores for 5 classes in 2014 averaged 5.2 for course and 5.3 for instructor overall.

Photo of Mary GuyService Winner: Mary Guy
Mary’s most impressive service was related to the American Society for Public Administration’s 75th Anniversary – Mary edited a book called Public Administration Evolving, which assesses the field. She organized a series of panels to move the book topics forward and raised considerable funds to make it available at the March ASPA meeting. In addition, she served on 7 editorial boards and reviewed 14 journal manuscripts. She also served as chair of 6 SPA dissertation committees. Within CU Denver and SPA, Mary is on the university “FAST” group that assesses threats related to university students or employees, served on SPA RTP, and presented a lecture for the SPA mini-School.

Service Honorable Mention: Tanya Heikkila
Tanya did terrific work as SPA Ph.D. director, getting a SPA record high 11 students to complete their dissertations in 2014. Tanya also led many community discussions around fracking and water policy, including a SPA mini-school lecture, and worked with many other CU units on service projects. She chaired 7 dissertation committees, served as a member on many more, and also reviewed 18 journal manuscripts.

Photo of Robyn MobbsNon-Tenure Track Award Winner: Robyn Mobbs
Robyn taught 6 classes to 133 MPA students for SPA in 2014. Her FCQ scores averaged 5.2 for course overall and 5.3 for instructor overall. The courses ranged from Capstone, to Leadership and Ethics, to Negotiations and Conflict. Some are taught to AMPA students, some online and some face-to-face. The verbal comments from students and written comments in FCQs about Robyn’s teaching are consistently amazing. She has also stepped up to help SPA with Lecturer management and as a mentor for our AMPA students. She has also served on a number of SPA committees this year.

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