MPA Alum Publishes Op-Ed in Denver Post: County perspective needed in pot debate

Logo for Colorado Counties, Inc.MPA alum Gini Pingenot is the policy and research supervisor for Colorado Counties, Inc. The Denver Post published her op-ed on Feb. 14, 2015:

Re: “Counties shouldn’t be able to double-tax marijuana,” Feb. 1 editorial.

This editorial conspicuously omits any consideration of a county perspective. Labeling Colorado counties as “greedy” is unfair and uninformed.

Both the state and cities are double-taxing retail marijuana now. The state’s 2.9 percent sales-tax rate assessed on all taxable items applies to retail marijuana. In addition, voters approved an additional 10 percent sales tax on retail marijuana. The state is double-taxing marijuana sales.

The same is true with home-rule municipalities, most of which have a citywide sales tax assessed on retail pot. Many have asked their voters to approve a special sales tax on retail marijuana, as well. Marijuana sales are being double-taxed in every city that has followed this approach.

Read the rest of Gini’s op-ed on the Denver Post website.

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